Harnessing Light Scope

Harnessing Light: Capitalizing on Optical Science Trends and Challenges for Future Research
Project Scope
A Committee of the National Academies will be convened to:
  1. Review updates in the state of the science that have taken place since publication of the National Research Council report, Harnessing Light;
  2. Identify the technological opportunities that have arisen from recent advances in and potential applications of optical science and engineering;
  3. Assess the current state of optical science and engineering in the United States and abroad, including trends in private and public research, market needs, examples of translating progress in photonics innovation into competitiveness advantage (including activities by small business), workforce needs, manufacturing infrastructure, and the impact of photonics on the national economy;
  4. Prioritize a set of research grand-challenge questions to fill identified technological gaps in pursuit of national needs and national competitiveness; and
  5. Recommend actions for the development and maintenance of global leadership in the photonics driven industry—including both near-term and long-range goals, likely participants, and responsible agents of change.

This project is sponsored by DARPA, NSF, NIST, ARO, DOE, and National Research Council Funds.